Payment Plan


Includes optional permit prep seminar, the necessary paperwork to obtain your learner permit (CDE Form) and the online course (no drives or drive test are included)

  • You must pass a written test at the BMV to get your permit and hold the permit for 180 days.
  • The online instruction is designed to help you prepare for the written test and learn the rules of the road; you do NOT have to complete the online instruction before attempting to get your permit.
  • $99.00 payment must be paid IN FULL to obtain the BMV-required permit paperwork and to begin the online course.
  • With this program option, there is an additional fee of $300.00 to complete the State-required six hours of driving; installment payments may be made on the driving portion, but no drives are scheduled until the $300.00 has been paid IN FULL and the online program is completed. The total cost for this option is $399.00 for the online course and six hours of driving; there is an additional $35 fee for the drive test if you want Behind The Wheel to do the test. As per State regulation, you must achieve at least an 80% average on both the online course and the driving portion for BTW do your test. You may also take the test at the BMV free of charge in your own vehicle with a BMV examiner.

Please be sure to register the student prior to making a payment by registering here ; click “Register” then complete the form with the student’s information;  and if the student’s last name is different from the person paying, please list the student’s name in the Special Instructions box. When you submit the form, you will be directed to our shopping cart; you may pay online, or call us at 812-402-7058 to make a debit/credit card payment over the phone.



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